Matt and Greg are two 40-something dads who like camping, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and appreciating good gear.
This Will Be Our Gear


We’re two 40-something dads (Matt and Greg) who, after years of forgetting how much we liked hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping, started to do these things a lot more frequently in 2020. Like so many, it helped us feel a bit more normal during the Covid-19 global pandemic. It’s been a nice revelation to rediscover how enjoyable it is to be outdoors. Even with all the social distancing restrictions, we were able to make some great memories for ourselves, our friends, our significant others, and kids. 

We’re not experts of the outdoors by any means, but we genuinely appreciate good gear. It makes life easier, inspires us to get outside, and triggers that sweet nostalgia of outdoor experiences from our youth that we almost forgot about.

We started comparing notes and laughing at ourselves about how much outdoorsy gear we each have acquired or dusted off recently. It kind of started when Matt took Greg out kayaking one day and continued with some nice kayaking/camping trips, hikes, and fireside chats. We loved finding communities of people online who had really helpful tips and reviews, and we started this site out of appreciation.

We’re really looking forward to sharing our casual outdoorsy experiences and great gear finds with you. Thanks for coming along for the adventure.

– Matt and Greg